Title insurance is 100 percent necessary when you’re buying a condo in New York City, or property anywhere in New York for that matter. Every lender insists on a loan policy to insure them against any defects in the title. Every buyer should insist on the same protection. That’s where we come in. Call us for the best title insurance coverage in New York.

You Need Title Insurance

You might think that public records errors, the existence of a previously unidentified open mortgage, delinquent taxes, or other liens against a property are so unlikely that you don’t need to insure against them. You would be wrong. Those things happen all the time. Plus, you’ve got straight-up fraud and missing heirs to worry about. Get the right coverage. Call Allegiance Abstract Services for New York State title insurance.

The New York Title Insurance Process

Your title insurance is based on a number of issues, including the price of your home and the amount of money you are borrowing. The process starts with a search for any title defects. Allegiance Abstract can help with that part of the process. Based on the results of that search, title is cleared prior to closing a sale. If any defects have been identified, we’ll help get those cleared for you, so you can move forward with a clean title. Finally, you’ll review the title with your seller and lender. You’ll all agree that everything is in order. Your insurance will be in force, and you’ll close on your property purchase.

Every property, even one that was recently built, has history. Don’t get caught off guard. Call us. We’ll handle the entire process for you so you’ll know that there is someone looking out for your interests. More importantly, you’ll know that we’re leaving no stone unturned, that we’re experts in the field, and that we know where to look to uncover any possible defects. Let us handle the due diligence for you.

Our services include:

■  Owners Title Insurance Policies (Standard and Extended)
■  Lenders Title Insurance Policies (Standard and Junior)
■  Leasehold Policies (Owners and Lenders)
■  Cooperative Unit Policies (Leasehold)
■  Contract Vendee Policies