If you are buying or selling any commercial or residential property, it is in your best interest to have a land survey done. Surveys provide legal protection and, more importantly, protect you or anyone else from making costly and potentially dangerous mistakes.

What Is A Land Survey

The survey process includes researching all public records available about a property which may include:

  • Deeds
  • Maps on file
  • Property-tax related documents and maps
  • Previous surveys
  • Municipal survey data

The next step is to compare those documents to make sure that they are all consistent, and to compare them to the physical properties of the land and identify discrepancies. The difficult part, and the reason you need our help, is figuring out which documents are correct and which are incorrect. If you’ve got three different public filings that indicate gas lines running under your property are in slightly different areas, how are you going to determine which one is accurate before you start digging? We can help with that.

Other Reasons for a Survey

Whether you are buying or selling, you’ll want to make sure that the boundaries of your property are correctly recorded. Boundaries that are inaccurately recorded can significantly change the value of a piece of land.

You can use a survey to make sure that the property you are being sold is actually the property described in your contract. Don’t take this lightly. While right out fraud may be uncommon, mistakes happen and they can be really tough to undo.

We are the NYC Survey Experts

Surveys are also important when you are buying a condominium or purchasing shares in a co-op. Buildings change over the years, and it is important to make sure the floor plan of your unit matches the official records on file. If there are any discrepancies, you may be in for a big surprise when you try to make any modifications to your unit. If one of your bedrooms used to be part of the unit next door and that change wasn’t properly recorded, you’re going to have a tangled mess to unweave.

Some of the survey services we offer include:

■  Survey Locate

■  Survey New

■  Survey Recertification

Whatever type of property you are buying or selling, give us a call for help. We serve the entire state of New York, and are experts in New York City co-op and condominium real estate. Don’t leave anything to chance. Let us help protect your interests.