If you are buying a business, you need a professional to help with your due diligence. Once the deal is done, it’s too late. And, if you aren’t 100 percent sure that you’ve covered all of your bases, you never know when you might end up with some very bad news. That’s why we’re here. With our help, you can be 100 percent certain that your deal is solid and that there are no hidden surprises.

Our Corporate Search Services

■  Corporate Franchise Search: If you are buying a franchise license, make sure that there are no tax liens or other issues before signing on the dotted line.

■  Corporate Good Standing Certificates: Make sure the business you are purchasing is properly licensed to operate, that they have met all statutory requirements, and that there are no outstanding government fees.

■  Corporate / LLC / Limited Partnership Document Retrieval: Don’t forget to double check the ownership status of the business you are going to buy. Make sure that the person selling it is authorized to do so.

■  Uniform Commercial Code (State): Make sure that all of a business’s transactions across state lines are in in compliance with the Uniform Commercial Code so that you don’t end up stuck with penalties or fines.

Don’t Leave Your deal To Chance

We are New York’s go-to source for corporate searches, tax searches, municipal searches, and title insurance. Our in-house counsel and experienced staff ensure that any issues are identified and solved early on in the process. And, even though we’re the best, and have been doing this since establishing our firm in 2006, our fees are reasonable and transparent. Don’t let costs stand in your way. Check out our basic fee structure, and let us know if you have questions.

Don’t take chances. Call today.