1. Buying Foreclosures and Properties with Tax Liens

    If you are beginning to build your property investment portfolio, foreclosures and property sold at tax lien auctions may be a great way to start. Make sure you know what you are getting involved in though. Things may not always be as simple as they appear on the surface. Here’s a primer to get you started. We recommend always working with a professional to track down property details. Give us a…Read More

  2. What to Know about Easements Before You Buy

    Easements are very common for many types of properties. In and of themselves, they are not something to fear when buying a new property. It is, however, important to understand what easements your property is subject to, what the terms are, and how it may impact your ability to resell. In the property you are considering purchasing, you may find details about it in a conveyance, will, or some kind…Read More

  3. Why do I need a land survey?

    A land survey may seem like an unnecessary headache, but it is important to understand that a survey protects you, the buyer or the builder, from future problems, including potential legal disputes and civil actions. Boundary Surveys The simple fact is that private land ownership requires well defined property boundaries. They are necessary to ensure that no legal issues or disputes over ownership…Read More